Thread Sealing Cord LOCTITE 55

Immediate full pressure sealing. Allows reliable re-adjustments.

LOCTITE 55 is designed for the locking and sealing of metal and plastic pipes and fittings. It needs no cure time and results in an immediate, full pressure seal. The ideal choice for a quick, easy and reliable seal. The product has approval for gas and potable water and is certified to NSF/ANSI, Standard 61.

Your benefits

General purpose, threaded pipe and fitting sealant
Non-curing, immediate, full-pressure seal
For a quick, easy and reliable seal
WRAS listed, meets BS 6920 for potable water: 0808533
DVGW/KTW approval for gas and potable water
Tested in accordance with EN 751-2 Class ARp and DIN 30660
Certified to NSF/ANSI, Standard 61

Technical Data

Colour: White 
Max. thread size: R4''
Service temperature range: -55 to +130°C 
Breakaway torque: n.a. 
Approvals: DVGW, KTW, NSF
Disassembly strength: n.a.
Thixotropy: No

Thread Sealing Cord LOCTITE 55

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