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Anti-seize lubricant & protector COPPER PASTE

Anti-seize lubricant & protector COPPER PASTE

Copper based anti-seize lubricant - Protector. Easy assembly and disassembly of all parts exposed to temperatures up to 1000 °C. Protects against burning in, corrosion and seizing. Preven...
Contact cleaner 3 IN ONE

Contact cleaner 3 IN ONE

Removes oils, grease and dirt from electrical and electronic equipment,without conduct electricity or damaging the plastic. Acts and dry quickly without leaving residue. Compatible with...
Cutting lubricant SUPER CUT II

Cutting lubricant SUPER CUT II

Non-chlorinated high performance cutting lubricant. Withstands extreme pressure to increase tool life and ease cutting. To use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Chain lube 3 IN ONE

Chain lube 3 IN ONE

Lubricant of long duration.Strong adherence,it does not drip. Protects against rust and corrosion. Provides an effective lubricant action in conditions where there are high levels of fric...
DRY MOLY LUBE lubricant

DRY MOLY LUBE lubricant

High pressure resistant, dry MoS2 film for metal-to-metal lubrication where a wet film cannot be tolerated.
Food oil spray FOODSLIP with PTFE

Food oil spray FOODSLIP with PTFE

H-1 quality multipurpose oil for food industries. It contains solid additives for low friction. Anti-wear capacity. Protects against corrosion and oxidation. Formulated with ingredients f...
Locks lubricant 3 IN  ONE

Locks lubricant 3 IN ONE

Lubricates properly.Protects from wear and corrosion. Penetrates,clean and unlocks.
LOCTITE 8040 Freeze & Release

LOCTITE 8040 Freeze & Release

Lubricant - emergency repair. Shock freezing (-40°C). Releases rusted, corroded and seized components. Wicks directly into the rust by capillary action. LOCTITE LB 8040 is a special mine...
Lubricant and non-stick 400ml WEICON SPRAY SILICONA

Lubricant and non-stick 400ml WEICON SPRAY SILICONA

Lubricant and non-stick WEICON Silicone Spray is a lubricant and non-stick as well as a protection and preservation agent for plastics, rubber and metal. The spray provides a long-la...
Multi-purpose lubricant 3-36

Multi-purpose lubricant 3-36

Prevents rust and corrosion, displaces moisture, penetrates quickly and loosens rusted parts. Provides temporary corrosion protection, up to six months.
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