LAX 300 self-levelling cross line plus plumb points laser

For marking out the floor, walls and ceiling at the same time / 
3 functions / Visible line range 20 m / Red laser diode.
• One horizontal line, one vertical line, plumb-line points upwards and downwards, with an extendable foot. • Optimal for working directly on the laser line. For the transfer of the layout from the floor to the roof. For quick and precise plumbing. • Very bright, narrow and clear laser lines. Visible line range 20 m. • Vertical beam directed upwards and downwards – clearly visible through the extendable foot: Fast and precise marking of ceiling lights, for example. • The laser can be rotated through 360° in its housing. 
• Versatile in use: 1. Directly on the floor. 2. Attached to a tripod (¼ thread). 3. Fastened to metallic objects by its rare earth magnet and V-groove or fastened to the wall bracket. 4. Secured by the metal lugs using a strap. • Shock-absorbent STABILA soft-grip casing. • Protection class IP 54 (Protection against dust deposits on the inside. Protection against splash water from all directions). 
• Park position: Optimal protection of the optical equipment against dust and scratches by rotation inside the U-shaped housing. 
• 20 hours operating period with 3 AA batteries. • Thanks to the pulsed laser lines the LAX 300 can also be used outdoors. By using the Receiver REC 220 Line (available as an optional accessory) the range is up to 80 m in a straight line and up to 20 m at an angle of 45° to the instrument’s axis.


Output ‹ 1mW

Laser class 2

Laser wavelength 635 nm

Self-levelling range approx. ± 4.5°

Levelling accuracy ± 0.3 mm/m

Line straightness ± 0.2 mm/m

Laser beam accuracy (up) ± 0.3 mm/m

Laser beam accuracy (down) ± 0.4 mm/m

Range of visible line 20 m*

Battery run-time 20 h

LAX 300 self-levelling cross line plus plumb points laser

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